To quote @AlexandraLouise, I am a bottomless mimosa of emotions.
  1. Adults with lunch boxes
    Because I think of the person who purposefully put it together, either for another person, or studiously preparing their own lunch and then I want to dissolve in a puddle of tears.
  2. Fathers wearing dorky clothes
    I think it's just because it seems so earnest to me, especially when they are with children they really adore. It is sweet, but fills me with melancholy about growing up and parents aging and people not knowing how to express that they love each other. I'm not saying it's logical. I'm just saying it makes me cry.
  3. The entire movie of The Martian
    It made me really nervous, and being nervous makes me cry? The universe is so big and vast and this overwhelms me and that makes me cry? Matt Damon really just wants to stay alive and that's so admirable and that makes me cry? People were so invested in him and care so much and earnestness makes me cry? Dunno. I sobbed.
  4. Weddings, all weddings
    Waterworks, every damn time.
  5. When someone scores the winning goal (whether in real life sports or in movies/tv)
    It's probably related to being nervous or super excited and the emotional release turns into so many tears. Swelling scores building in the background only enhance this likelihood.
  6. My mom's voice when I'm having a bad day
    Even if I've been holding it together like a champ, staying stoic in the face of a barrage of bullshit and heinous developments, the minute I hear my moms voice, it's all over. Blubber city.
  7. Media depictions of overcoming racism
    Really I'm just thinking of Remember the Titans when they start working together and then they're yelling "LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE!" but there are probably other relevant examples. I guess this one is kind of sad because the racism they have to overcome in the first place is awfully depressing, but nonetheless.
  8. Soldiers surprising their families or pets by coming home
  9. A dressed-up child proudly showing off their outfit
    Innocence + earnestness (clearly a theme) + so cute = Sally crying again.