A list that I feel should already exist, for purposes of adequate cataloging of important facts. Full of #spoilers because Olivia Benson is the Harry Potter of detectives, still improbably alive after all these ridiculously easy ways for her to die, and the star of the show. Love her for it. #bensonstrong
  1. Walking into a home invasion a couple weeks ago
    Though the inspiration for this list, don't love this one, because omg how many times can this woman find herself in peril and also this is what my nightmares are made of.
  2. The journalist who wanted to play subway rapist
  3. The time a knife wielding fan of Robert Morten was hiding in her apartment
    She was holding her dang groceries, just trying to live her life. Good thing she fucked him up with a book!
  4. The pizza bomb (another Robert Morten fanatic)
    Real talk: in this scenario, I am definitely dead. There is no chance I'm turning down free pizza.
  5. Deep undercover with GreenPeace hardcore version
    First that crazy girl knocks her over the head and steals her gun and tries to blow everyone up and then she is Persephone James and gets knocked out AGAIN and then gets arrested OMG it's so stressful.
  6. Anne MotherKilling Gillette putting a hit out on her and Ash Ramsay
    I am pretty sure when you get totally sprayed with machine guns, you don't just ruin a shirt but sure, cool. Also, this episode is a triumph of SVU absurdity.
  7. Undercover prison disaster
    Like obviously this is what was going to happen.
  8. Someone (possibly her brother?!?!??!!!???) trying to run her over
    Tricky one.
  9. Victor Paul Gitano holding a knife to her throat
    High stakes (she could DIE), high level of peril (he actually cuts her NECK!), high undertones (will Elliot choose the kids or LIV?!), high suspense.
  10. Kidnapped by William Lewis the first time
  11. Kidnapped by William Lewis the second time
    At this point it was just like enough, amirite?
  12. Her stalker Richard White from the episode "Stalked"
    Pretty straight forward.
  13. Russian undercover janitor getting effed up in the meatball factory
    It's worth watching her almost die just to hear her accent.
  14. Liv and Kathy in a huge car accident leading to Liv delivering Kathy and Elliot's baby and I'm still disappointed they didn't name him Oliver because COME ON
    Come ON.
  15. Pesticide exposure, stumbling to that window for air, v v stressful
  16. In her EMMY AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCE in 911, Richard trying to bum rush her after she got the tell tale dirt of his shoe to find Maria
    This isn't quiiiite mortal peril but I had to include this because she just straight clocks him in the face and it's amazing and also it's one of my favorite episode. My eyes are so sleepy, Olivia.
  17. Exploding car of wrongfully accused former pedophile
    Another character in this episode also attempts to punch her but like lol. Liv don't play.
  18. Stuckey. Not even explaining it more than just saying fucking Stuckey.
    Bing bang bong.
  19. Crazy Sophie waving around a gun, convinced her dead son Nicholas was juuuust sleeping on that slab
    Let's not forget that ME Warner gets SHOT in the effing CHEST here. Plus, Liv also gets completely knocked out by a special ops agent earlier in this same episode. Long day.
  20. Robin Williams abducting and straight Milgramming her
    We don't know if she's being electrocuted or not, DO WE NOW. Also he tries to blow up Liv and Elliot. That too.
  21. Taken hostage with Milo Ventinigigigigiglia
    There are so many photos in this list of people calmly pointing guns at Olivia how is she still alive.
  22. When that (spoiler alert) wrongfully convicted guy murders a bunch of people Olivia tried to help after luring them with a company called Aivilo which is Olivia spelled backwards
    This one is deep as hell (and omg that cocktail straw holding down her buzzer), though I don't believe for a half second that she didn't recognize her own name backwards. Hold on, I have to respond to this sweepstakes from the Yllas company! 🙄
  23. Holy shit that time they tried to frame Liv for murder using her DNA even though she definitely didn't do it
  24. Held at gunpoint by the Mexican drug cartel
    Boy, egg on Elliot's face with this one. Thank god for Porter, ya know?
  25. Liv and Elliot knock on a door and are immediately shot at through the door
    Barely remembered this one, not going to lie. This is the episode where Maria Bello lets Liv play mama for a little bit, which maybe made me forget Liv almost died for the 800th time.
  26. Of course, can't forget when Liv volunteers to be a hostage to Eddie Sandow
    It's her favorite activity.
  27. Mushroom poisoning
    Because of course.