These lines all work best if said aloud with the same Britney intonation: short, clipped, and in an odd British accent. 🎶You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati?🎶 (For the record, concept and first point were the doing of a friend of a friend whose name I do not know. But props and recognition to you, nameless friend).
  1. You like Paul Giammatti?
  2. You wanna hang with literati?
  3. You wanna do karate?
  4. You wanna walk a Scotty?
  5. You want to split biscotti?
  6. You want to get bawdy?
  7. You wanna do Pilates?
  8. You wanna ride a Ducati?
  9. Your cell service is spotty?
  10. You wanna act haughty?
  11. You want to dress gaudy?
  12. You want to talk with a Saudi?
  13. You want to sing like Pavarotti?
  14. You wanna join the Illuminati?
    Well you can't.