The post-World Series celebration is one of the most appropriately festive traditions ever, and I think highly underutilized. To qualify, events had to logically require other people to be there (unfortunately excluding "Sally takes out the trash," which I do believe I deserve a champagne shower and a small parade for doing).
  1. Graduations
    Possibly in place of throwing hats. 🍾
  2. The first time someone poops after surgery
    Y'all, this is really exciting. 🍾
  3. After successfully moving out of an apartment or house
    You gotta clean up anyway, and you deserve the booze. 🍾
  4. A large project at work is completed and it went so well that the whole team is going out for drinks
    But first, it's Champagne Shower time. 🍾
  5. When you and your significant other survive a full holiday season with each other's families
    Empty a few bottles here. 🍾
  6. You threw a great dinner party
    Champagne Shower for the guests on the way out. 🍾
  7. Winning money at a casino
    Could occur on the casino floor or in your hotel room shower, depending on your company, I suppose. 🍾
  8. New parents get their baby to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time
    They can just lay down to sleep in the champagne after the shower. 🍾😴
  9. After a field trip where no kids were lost or injured
    Chaperones, teachers, bus drivers, whoever, git in this shower, y'all made it happen! 🍾
  10. At the end of every marathon, half-marathon, 5K, basically anytime you run even though you don't have to for survival
    No but seriously why don't they do this. 🍾
  11. College parties
    All of em. 🍾
  12. Post-long road trip with one other person
    Congratulate yourselves for not committing murder with a little sprinkling of sparkly! 🍾
  13. Wrap parties
    Do you guys already do this? It seems like an apropos Hollywood type thing. 🍾
  14. This list truly has no end.
    Moral of the story: we need to be popping more bubbly into the air with gusto. And if you ever meet me, I'd probably like a Champagne Shower with you in celebration. And also, thank goodness this emoji exists. 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾