By "loudmouth" I mean someone who is chatty, opinionated, and has a distinct personality. Maybe you've been shushed a few more times in your life than you'd like. Maybe it's really hard not to raise your hand in Q&As. Maybe you've gotten detention for talking during class. Maybe you're me. Who knows. (Sorry for being whiny) ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  1. A lot of loudmouths are assholes
    Notable figures you keep company with: Donald Trump, Jenny McCarthy, Rush Limbaugh, Rosie O'Donnell, Liam Gallagher, Bill O'Reilly, Terrell Owens. Being a loudmouth doesn't make you an asshole, nor vice versa, but the association is there.
  2. You are often the only person to speak up when something is clearly wrong, inefficient, or offensive
    And you would think that people would rally behind you, but then you're standing alone telling a friend that what they just said was racist, suggesting a more streamlined process to a superior, or speaking out against an unfair policy (all of which happened to me in the last month).
  3. Nobody ever congratulates you for suppressing the urge to share your opinions
    When someone meek speaks up, we all clap and take note. And I GET IT, I really do, but honestly, it is just as hard for a loudmouth to shut up as it is for a quiet person to shout. And there are zero props awarded for this.
  4. People assume you have an opinion on everything
    And they say super sarcastic things like, "I'm sure YOU have thoughts on this," which makes me feel embarrassed if I do and kind of put off if I don't. It's exhausting to have people looking at you to say shit all the time. Sometimes, I just don't care.
  5. Everyone expects you to perform
    Similar to the point above, a loudmouth walks into a room and people expect to be entertained. It makes you into a caricature instead of a real person and it's also exhausting.
  6. People equate loudmouth with extrovert
    Just because someone is mad about this week's plot development in Grey's Anatomy and wants to discuss it at length, it does not mean that person is interested in going to every party (per the colloquial definition that extroversion means social) nor does it mean that person does not like quiet, alone time to recharge (per the actual definition of extroversion).
  7. You end up being in charge of a lot of things
    Natural consequence of being a loudmouth.
  8. People think it's funny to imitate you
    An interesting association people make with loudmouths is that they also have a very thick skin or, alternatively, that they have no feelings at all. Especially because people who talk a lot portray a lot of personality, they're easier to mock. In combination with the first point, it just leads to a lot of mean-spirited ribbing.
  9. You feel badly sometimes for saying what's up
    Even if it's the right thing to do, sometimes peoples feelings end up getting hurt and the mood is killed, especially when you're standing alone. Just because you're talkative and opinionated doesn't mean you are unkind.
  10. People don't like you
    True for everyone, of course. But most people can be all, "Maybe it has nothing to do with me! I don't think I did anything!" Not a loudmouth. I probably said something that upset them without even knowing it. Or I was annoying. Or someone ascribed something to me that I did NOT say, but it's believable because I run my mouth. Anyway, they don't like me and it's probably my fault.