1. The parking garage (3 times)
    Immediately after orientation; after a really stressful situation where a nurse asked me what I wanted to do and everyone looked at me because I was the only physician and technically in charge which is a ridiculous thing to process and I held it together then but by the time I got to my car it was either cry or vomit so I cried; one time when I really didn't want to go in to work my ER shift
  2. The NICU doctor's workroom and adjoining hallway (5 times)
    My dog died; my supervising resident was too nice to me after a really bad week; my attending yelled at me and made me stay very late to do redundant work; a baby came out with no heart rate and I was the most senior person in the room and I was afraid it was my fault; my coresident died in a car accident and my parents called so I had to tell them
  3. The pediatric oncology workroom (3 times)
    One of our patients with cancer who had just gotten a second bone marrow transplant found out his girlfriend had cancer; my ex-boyfriend accidentally texted me something meant for his new girlfriend; I had just said goodbye to one of my favorite patients who would go on to die that night
  4. Delivery rooms (1 million times)
    Basically anytime a baby is born and someone is excited and/or crying
  5. The adult post-operative unit (1 time)
    I totaled my car and shattered my arm and woke up from surgery with a metal plate in my wrist and it hurt so so much (technically not AT work, but still my place of work)
  6. The community hospital bathroom (1 time)
    45 minutes of intensive CPR failed and we had to tell the mother that her healthy 6 month-old had died for no reason during her nap, and then the dad walked in and had no idea what was happening and the mom was just wailing and wailing. This one was probably the worst.