Pretty much all of these can be summed up by admitting I have an overblown sense of justice/hold grudges/am unable to suspend reality at times. I generally don't bring these up because some people may refer to me as a "party pooper" or "wet blanket." Which is not inaccurate. BUT IT'S NOT FAIR.
  1. Notting Hill
    So I get that she's just a girl, standing in front of a guy, with an original Chagall painting, apologizing for being a giant dick MULTIPLE times. But like, the movie doesn't even acknowledge that she was JUST mocking him behind his back on set while he listened in! And then, HE has to apologize?! I call horseshit.
  2. Mean Girls
    Listen, Regina George is awful, and Cady turns into a jerk. But Janis Ian is actually a pretty terrible friend -- she refuses to call Cady by her real name, makes her skip class on the first day (scandalous and unforgivable for a nerd like me), and she makes the new girl play some weird undercover role to enact a revenge fantasy on her old friends. And she barely gets called on it. It's just not fair.
  3. Grey's Anatomy
    Literally any time Derek is mad at Meredith for being emotionally unavailable, I yell, "YOU WERE MARRIED!" at the TV. I can't get past it - he pursued Meredith! He never told her! He went BACK to his wife! Then had the nerve to call Mer a slut! - and think he has lost all future rights to criticize (I'm a great girlfriend).
  4. Grease
    Even as an elementary schooler, I could not wrap my head around why Sandy had to be the one who changed, and why Danny took off that super cute letter sweater. I still cannot.
  5. Pitch Perfect
    Why does nobody acknowledge the saddest scene of all time, when all the acapella groups are partying to "Keep Your Head Up" and then they cut to Benji, tearfully singing along alone on his bed, clutching his magic scarves? It's heartbreaking! How does this fit in the carefree fun of this movie? Why!? He's all alone!! And now I'm crying!
  6. Princess Diaries
    Lily is the crappiest friend ever. She trashes Mia's new look, which is super douchey, and then threatens to end their friendship mere minutes later when Mia doesn't tell her one huge secret, which would have been hard to do between all the berating. THEN she immediately tries to cash in on her friends newfound fame. Ugh worst.
  7. SVU
    How am I expected to believe that Elliot just up and left the NYPD and never spoke to Liv again. HOW. ANSWER ME.