Inspired by @sschenk's excellent first list about things she's carried on a plane. Admittedly, this list is one big commercial for #privilege, because you'll note that race, ethnicity, and disability do not appear on it, and none of the items have been taken away from me. That being said, it's still an interesting mix.
  1. My go-to hairstyle
    This is a more recent, ongoing issue. I generally wear my long hair in a low, messy bun. When I stand in that body scanner to let the TSA see under my clothes and into my innermost thoughts while giving me cancer or whatever, that bun always looks suspicious to them. More than half the time, they have to squeeze it before letting me pass. Which I find hilarious.
  2. Because of how hard I was crying
    Long distance relationships, man.
  3. My reflex hammer
    "Do you have something metal and long, with a pointed end in your bag, miss?"
  4. A bullet necklace
    It was all the rage in my Jewish youth group to have an Israeli Army bullet on a chain. I thought I was pretty badass. Pretty understandably, TSA thought I was an idiot.
  5. My inhaler
    Inexplicably (because please see point below about mace), this aerosol canister is the most common reason I am stopped.
  6. (Never because of the mace on my keychain)
    I have lost count of how many flights I have accidentally taken this on (forgot to take it off my keys), but it's got to be more than 10.
  7. A pack of pen lights
    I did have to show the agent how these worked in order to keep them.
  8. Passover leftovers
    This one is borderline fair, because it often involves food that is near liquid in a heated state, but has been frozen for transport. It is very fun to explain tsimmes, charoset, and just Passover in general to TSA agents.
  9. A studded belt
    I was in high school, please forgive me. This earned me a pat down in front of my giggling friends.
  10. (Never because of my toiletries)
    I refuse to take them out of my bag, or put them in a special ziploc, or make sure they're airplane size. Just run em through with the rest of my shit, see what happens.
  11. Randomly
    Or so they say.