I was gonna make it just the News, but holy hell, including broadcast journalism made this list endless.
  1. Andie Anderson, resident How-To Girl at Composure Magazine
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  2. Jenna Rink, revamper of Poise and aspiring editor-in-chief of Sparkle
    13 Going On 30
  3. Sally Albright, reporter at "the news" (that's actually what she responds when asked what she does)
    When Harry Met Sally
  4. Annie Reed, reporter at the Baltimore Sun
    Sleepless in Seattle
  5. Sabrina Fairchild, intern at Vogue
  6. Andy Sachs, assistant at Vogue, investigative reporter for Northwestern's school paper, writer for an unknown newspaper at the end
    The Devil Wears Prada
  7. Jack Taylor, political columnist, New York Daily News
    One Fine Day
  8. Julianne Potter, restaurant critic
    My Best Friend's Wedding
  9. Josie Geller, copy editor and budding investigative reporter, Chicago Sun-Times
    Never Been Kissed
  10. Ike Graham, columnist at USA Today
    Runaway Bride
  11. Sarah Huttinger, weddings and obituaries for the New York Times
    Rumor Has It
  12. Iris Simpkins, society column editor at The Daily Telegraph
    The Holiday
  13. Malcolm Doyle, the Commitments section, New York Journal
    27 Dresses
  14. Erin Langford, reporter for San Francisco Chronicle
    Going the Distance
  15. Sophie, fact checker for the New York Times
    Letters to Juliet
  16. Nicole Hurley, investigative reporter for Daily News
    The Bounty Hunter
  17. Carrie Bradshaw, sex columnist for The New York Star
    Sex and the City, Sex and the City 2
  18. Jane Goodale/Dr. Marie Charles, fake romance columnist at M magazine
    Someone Like You
  19. Nate Lerner, "well known" magazine journalist
    Bride Wars
  20. Jessica, copy editor of New York newspaper
    Kissing Jessica Stein
  21. Rebecca Bloomwood, personal finance writer at Successful Savings
    Confessions of a Shopaholic
  22. Sidney Shaw, editor in chief at XXL
    Brown Sugar
  23. Dylan Harper, GQ design (?) editor
    Friends With Benefits
  24. Amy, writer at S'Nuff and eventually Vanity Fair
  25. Frank Navasky, writer for The New York Observer
    You've Got Mail
  26. Sara Melas, gossip columnist
    Hitch (h/t @courtbees)
  27. Summer Hartley, steel conviction journalist
    Definitely, Maybe