Because I slept 2 hours last night and I'm a little delirious.
  1. Greek Tragedy -- The Wombats
    The song that started this impromptu dance sesh. Super emo, I was really feeling it today.
  2. I'm Ready -- AJR
    Ooooh weeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. The Love Club -- Lorde
    A lot of closed eyes with this one, practicing being like Lorde. No longer have control of my limbs.
  4. You - Ha Ha Ha -- Charli XCX
    Exact correct bpm for my ridiculous dance moves.
  5. You're Not The One -- Sky Ferreira
    You're not the wooooooooooonnnnnn (mega arm circling here).
  6. Promises -- Ryn Weaver
    Trance like. Surprised a flower crown didn't magically materialize on my head by this point.
  7. I'm Good -- The Mowgli's
    Used this one as self affirmation because was feeling increasingly insane but was kinda into it. Felt like it was a good place to stop.