I'm good at plenty of stuff, but that's mostly useful for making a funny list of "talents" that's self-deprecating but adorable and then we can all laugh and be like hahahah, Sally! But I dream of "shock my new boyfriend with this hidden talent" talents, of "blow everyone away at the talent show" talents, of "I never would have guessed!" talents.
  1. Being really good at those "guess how many" jars
    I could win so many candies!!!!
  2. Fixing cars
    Very practical and ALSO very cool-girl, bandana on the head, grease on the cheek.
  3. Superb gift-wrapping
    This falls under a larger umbrella of "crafting skills I covet in others," but is the most useful of that genre.
  4. Knowing loads of baseball stats
    Would be v impressive and possibly could contribute to a great real life rom-com storyline.
  5. Ice skating twirling
    It's always the pretty girls that can do figure skating stuff, as opposed to my signature move, clutching the wall.
  6. Playing accordion
    A+ talent show fodder.
  7. Tying a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue
    A quick, easily demonstrated talent that's also like wink wink sexy. I would kill for this one.
  8. Making mash-ups
    Like Beca in Pitch Perfect. I could even spell my name Saly if it helps with street cred.
  9. Vague but accurate sketching
    Not like fussy, super good drawing, but just a super casual sweep of the pencil and you can totally tell what it is. Need me to sketch your dream wedding cake? Sure. Want me to envision a floor plan? Easy, lemme just draw that out real quick. Need a schematic of how an event will go? Duh. "Oh it's just something I've always been good at."
  10. A beautiful singing voice (most notably for the purpose of singing "On My Own" at a talent show, dazzling a potential/previous/currently complicated beau)
    You guys have no idea how prominently this has figured into the majority of my Exercise Distraction Daydreams. Did I crib this directly from Dawson's Creek? Yup. Do I care? Not one bit.