Inspired by @emmaburke inspired by @sophia inspired by @A (for whom I have a list cooking). I think almost none of these actually qualify as stories so much as straight up mass list requests but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I want you all to make them.
  1. Your future and/or past grocery lists
    I love, love, love hearing what people plan to buy or have bought at the grocery store. Once, on a date, I told a boy to "talk dirty to me," and really all I meant was that I wanted him to tell me what he got at Costco the day before. It is just so innocently voyeuristic into people's mundane tasks and meals and lives.
  2. The top 5 moments of physical pain in your life
    This gets some really interesting, occasionally intimate details about people. Also, I'm always really intrigued by different perceptions of pain.
  3. Songs that transport you to a very specific time and place
    This is very cool, especially if the same song takes me somewhere else. It's kind of like when my water polo team would play other high schools and we would walk around before the game and see this very similar school infrastructure but obviously with all different people, just that overwhelming feeling of living in parallel and never being able to cross over.
  4. Work/hobby-related lingo you wish you could apply to real life
    Because 1. Then I can say it and sound cool 2. I like expanding my vocabulary 3. There are so many missing words in the English language
  5. Rules in your household growing up and how you felt about them then versus now
    This is a little bit self-serving -- I have to advise parents on discipline and rules all the time and I have no children of my own. Need all the data I can get. Plus it's wild how our perceptions of this stuff evolves (or doesn't) as we get older.
  6. Which junk emails you get
    Really I just need people to commiserate with me over how many Old Navy and ProFlowers emails they get in a day.
  7. Favorite things to get in the regular mail
    This would be a great use of the new picture scrolling function, and also, everyone loves to get stuff in the mail.
  8. What you think are your weirdest quality
    I bet it's a good mix of commonalities and crazy shit.
  9. Your go-to outfits for different situations
    I really like knowing what makes people feel confident.
  10. If you suddenly had a trillion billion dollars, what would you immediately buy
    I find everyone has an answer to this and it's fascinating, especially because so often people choose inexpensive things.
  11. Questions you wish you were asked and by whom
    Deeply personal but I really want to know.