Many days, I am content to sit in my own emotional filth, ordering in 2500 calories of feelings, and social media stalking my ex while crying at bad lifetime movies. But when I've had enough of my own shit and have decided that it's time to get up from the bottom of a barrel, these are my go-tos. Please share your tricks!
  1. Shower, even if it's not necessary
    Tried and true rejuvenation.
  2. Trick myself into cleaning my whole house
    This usually starts with just picking up all the clothes on the floor and putting them away. That's it Sally! Just pick up those clothes. Then I can usually convince myself to make my bed, just to help with folding the clothes. Which will usually inspire me to vacuum my bedroom (just finish your bedroom, Sally!) which turns into the whole house, which gets me to pick up in the living room, etcetc.
  3. Adventure outdoors to get an iced coffee
  4. Amble around my deck and examine the growth of my mini-garden
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    Look: something I haven't killed!
  5. Text a ton of people all at once
    Statistically, someone will text back, making me feel connected to the world, supported, and potentially even loved.
  6. Take double the dose of my antidepressant
    Warning: this is terrible medical advice; I do not recommend it as a doctor. Plus with the way antidepressants work, it's actually not immediately helpful. But the placebo effect is strong in this one, Yoda.
  7. Make a to-do list for the next day/week
  8. Immediately complete one item off to-do list
  9. FaceTime with a baby (bonus if it's @donnie's baby)
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  10. Go to some event in the city/a museum/a craft fair
    Because then I have done a Thing that I supply as answer when asked, "what did you do today?" And also I get to feel smug that I have done a Thing on day when I want to do no Things.
  11. Walk to Things and meals and errands and around in circles when talking on the phone
    Because then I make my Fitbit/AppleHealth step goal and feel accomplished and active.
  12. I mean, obviously exercise
    But if I'm mentally well and motivated enough to get to the gym, I likely don't need most of this list.
  13. Listen to upbeat positive music
    Sad depressing songs usually just reinforces my pessimistic and depressing outlook. Listening to music about getting better and happy things can sometimes help.
    Suggested by @rachelleigh
  14. Cook a complicated meal
    Getting lots of strange ingredients and making them into some delish is a sure way to make my head-to-brick-wall day melt away into a home-cooked meal. 🍛
    Suggested by @donnie
  15. Watch any episode of Too Cute! on Animal Planet involving puppies
    Suggested by @TT