Requested by @mlb
Sorry this took all day, @mlb, people kept expecting me to do my job instead of make lists, which was incredibly inconvenient. Thank you for the request!!!
  1. My Airbnb reservations for New Years Eve
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    I'm gonna be chillin in the Virginia mountains, on a farm, with my gentleman caller, with recently purchased wine from a nearby tasting, in front of a fire, in a robe, watching dat ball drop in my motherflipping first time Airbnb and it's gonna ROCK. Also, the lady who owns the place looks like the Perfect Grandma Factory exploded and I LOVE HER. I'm really excited you guys.
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    I LOVE HOLIDAY/XMAS/WHATEVER SEASON. IT IS GLITTER. IT IS JOY. IT IS SHINY. IT IS XMAS LIGHTS, ONE OF MY TOP TEN FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD. IT IS CRISP COLD WEATHER AND WARM COCOA WITH PEPPERMINT OMFG MY BROTHER HATES IT AND WILL DISOWN ME BUT IT IS THE BEST SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Also my mom gave me some Hannukah cash (gelt!) and I used it to put $5 on all the pretty Starbucks gift cards I've been coveting and they make me so. so. happy (picture is one of them 😍)
  3. My emails
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    My inbox is filled with emails from new friends (thnx @list) and old (thnx @life), a job offer (!) and a couple more interviews, confirmations of letters of recommendation being uploaded to the official fellowship application website, receipts for fun gifts, shipping notification for an Old Navy binge I allowed myself. Sure there are a few bills and spam up in thurr, but damn, my inbox is on POINT this week.
  4. Seeing loads of 3-4 year old patients in clinic
    It's my favorite age. They're hyperverbal with no understanding of context (nonsensical jokes, tangential stories) and also very cute. Yesterday, I saw a 4 year-old for a follow-up, feeling great, actively doing the stanky leg (while using his hands on his leg to help him do the movement). Then he told me he was trying to break his legs (like the song says to), "but they can't go fast enough." Then he whipped and nae-nae'd for me. Then he sang me his favorite song, Hotline Bling. 💯
  5. My nephew
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