AKA these are a few of my favorite things [this is super #draftmas-y, true spirit @aprilkquioh i I hope you're happy cause it's been sitting in my drafts for MONTHS, unedited and languishing and tbh very stupid and now it's out in the wild sorry]
  1. 2 weeks old: being swaddled
  2. 6 months old: anything with the consistency of baby food
    Especially if it comes in a pouch 👌🏽
  3. 4 years old: dinosaurs, sharks, and outer space
  4. 8 years old: staying up way past my bedtime
  5. 13 years old: gossip
  6. 18 years old: sex (had to make it legal)
  7. 22 years old: sparkling white wine
    Vinho Verde 4 life whaddup trader joes
  8. 29 years old: I dunno, making lists? I am this age on government documents
  9. 33 years old: drinking wine on my tastefully adorned back porch with the ladies after work
    Note, not ladiezzz, that would make me 21
  10. 41 years old: being freed of any plans so I can watch my stories and go to bed at a reasonable hour
  11. 54 years old: waking up early on a Saturday morning, quietly drinking coffee and surveying my land
    I am also, apparently, a plantation owner?
  12. 60 years old: tending to my back porch garden
  13. 73 years old: sitting and staring at the ocean
    Or as we call it in my family, S&S.