Inspired by/straight poached from @Nicholas. Actively soliciting input from those who currently live in NYC, as I haven't had that honor in 6 years.
  1. Dan Smith
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    He will teach you to play guitar.
  2. Dr. Zizmor
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    In my mind, these ads define the word "ubiquitous."
  3. THE Chicken & Rice Guys aka Halal Guys aka 53rd & 6th
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    All others are imitators. Shockingly kind and patient to very, very drunk clientele.
  4. Naked Cowboy
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    Not proud to put him on the list given what a tourist trap (and certified crazy) he is but he is a very real NYC celeb.
  5. Showtime!
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    Fuck these guys though, they're definitely going to kick me in the face one day.
  6. The "stress test" scientologists
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    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  7. The guy who drives around in his Subaru every Saturday singing/screaming every oldies song out the window whilst making soft left turns. @mallory
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    Suggested by @frooozan
  8. The guy with a cat on his head
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    This photo obviously cost someone
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  9. Jimmy Mcmillan
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    Also known as the rent is too damn high guy. He can frequently be seen around town standing next to his car "shown" blaring his theme music (look it up) and talking to people and signing autographs and taking photos. He runs for mayor of nyc in every election
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua