These are the gold standards I reference whenever I am admitting to having ardently supported something that is absolutely incorrect. Note: this doesn't include things about maturity and taste (ie I hate mushrooms, I'll never have sex before marriage)--these are straight up facts I was a moron about.
  1. Marriage equality would never be legalized in our lifetime.
    NOTE: I did not say I didn't support it; I definitely did. I just had no faith in our country to get past the religious implications of the word "marriage." Obviously, in light of today's events...I was very wrong. (YAY! ❤️💛💚💙💜🌈)
  2. Justin Guariano should have won American Idol season 1.
    I don't have a good excuse for this one, and I never even watched the show. Maybe I liked his hair? In any case, Kelly Clarkson is one of the greatest pop stars of all time so...I was very wrong.
  3. Text messaging would never catch on.
    I think maybe if T9 was still the standard, this wouldn't be so absurd. I used to hate texting. "Call me if you have something to say! People only text when it's rude to call!" - Sally, circa 2007. Woof. Please see amount of memory taken up on my phone by text messages: I was very wrong.
  4. Brunch is stupid.
    In my defense, my reasoning on this was solid: why am I paying MORE for one meal that's preventing me from eating two meals? But brunch is wonderful, you can drink before noon and wear last night's clothes and...I was very wrong.