Probably the best part of working in a children's hospital.
  1. Mozart
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    VERY soft ears. Into eating pretzels. By report, he has business cards. Life goal: get Mozart's business card.
  2. Olive
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    Star of such lists as, "Facts About Olive, The Therapy Dog."
  3. Badger
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    Per his owner, hates having a bath. Also, has an extra toe on his hind leg.
  4. Milo
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    Extremely excited to see everyone, would not sit down.
  5. Collins
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    Not actually a therapy dog, just an extreme love bug who belongs to one of my friends. Has therapized me frequently, despite lack of formal training.
  6. Mandy
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    Ditto above description.
  7. Bonus: Colt, therapy miniature horse
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    Picture snagged from my friend who was lucky enough to meet him at work. Also, in case you missed this fact, he is wearing tiny shoes. #lilsebastian