Because even things that in the long run I knew were the right call have had their moments of doubt. Not these.
  1. My cartilage piercing
    I think about this all the damn time. I like how it looks, and I like that it's extremely soft core edgy. It wasn't actually rebellious to get (I was well over 18), but I still feel oddly proud that I just went ahead and did it.
  2. Skipping med school prom my 4th year after someone in my friend group mean-girled me
    She tried to stir up some crazy drama and I straight disengaged. I was supposed to sit at her table, and immediately I knew I had no interest in all that it entailed. It was one of the calmest, best decisions I've ever made.
  3. Changing my avatar to Ikea Monkey
    It's kind of early to call, but it fills me with joy every time I open this app, so I'm gonna add it here.