1. 1995: Eat gefilte fish
    Had no idea it was so polarizing
  2. 2000: Comb their hair every day
    Curly haired people confusing the shit out of me.
  3. 2005: Tell their parents when they're going on an airplane
    In some ways, I think I didn't even recognize that it was possible not to.
  4. 2007: Try new foods
    One of my college friends has literally never had citrus. ANY. KIND. OF. CITRUS. And don't want to!
  5. 2009: Use a reasonable amount of shower products, ie one pump of shampoo, a dime sized dollop of body wash
    A lot of these have to do with personal hygiene.
  6. 2011: Think casually about dying
    Thanks, psych class in med school. This is not normal, APPARENTLY.
  7. 2011: Have persistent thoughts about negative things that you can't make go away
    Psych class, really life-changing. Don't worry guys, I'm on meds now.
  8. 2014: Wash their hair most times they shower
    Sometimes you just need a quick rinse off, sure. But some people don't wash their hair for WEEKS at a time.
  9. 2015: Buckle their bras behind their back
    Front fastening is a brand new revelation.