Inspired by an epic binge of ER while working night shifts.
  1. I took an oath, dammit!
    I have never referenced my oath.
  2. Don't you dare die on me!
    Why would you say this.
  3. Get him out of here!
    Family members generally don't throw themselves in the way of saving their loved one.
  4. We're going to the OR, now!
    This happens approximately once a year and I am rarely there for it.
  5. Get out of my way, I'm a doctor!
    I wish.
  6. Meet me in the supply closet 😘
    Yah, let me show you what kind of IV start kits we have.
  7. And here I thought you wanted to be a DOCTOR, Mr MedStudent.
    Hahahah this is such a douchey thing to say I should totally say it all the time.
  8. Stay with me!
    Generally at this point I am ordering medicine, not bossing around the likely non responsive patient.
  9. Charge to 100!
    I charge my own defibrillator and usually it involves a long discussion about the appropriate dose of electricity.
  10. One more word and I'll make sure you never see the inside of an OR!
    1. Oddly specific kind of threat. 2. The inside of an OR is really not that hard to see. In fact, it's fairly difficult for someone to prevent you from seeing it.
  11. I became a doctor to save lives, not ruin them 😥
    Maybe people in other specialties say this? @TT @AlexandraLouise, a little recon?
  12. STAT!
    Jk I say this all the time.