It's helpful to have a benchmark.
  1. Buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys
    The most disgusting flavor of an otherwise wonderful treat. "Coconut is the buttered popcorn of LaCroix."
  2. Wintry mix
    Everyone's least favorite of everything. "I'm going to need a drink after this wintry mix of a day."
  3. Bad salsa
    Just inexcusably poor cooking. "Ugh I don't want to go to dinner at her place, I bet she even makes bad salsa."
  4. Taking out the trash
    Worst chore that is actually easy but I still hate it. "I'd rather take out the trash than talk to him for another minute."
  5. Taxi TVs
    SO FUCKING INCESSANTLY ANNOYING ALWAYS (and occasionally inducing of carsickness). "Donald Trump is a goddamn Taxi TV."