Inspired by @gabimoskowitz et al (we're writing about our cohabitants, right? Life partners?)
  1. Whether that noise was an animal in my house or perhaps a burglar coming to kill me
    He says yes, I know it can't possibly be, rationally. We fight about this all the time.
  2. Consumption limits
    I say, just one glass for me, please! He says no, no, drink ALL of me tonight. Rarely a compromise here, we just trade off who wins (alright, alright, he usually does ☺️).
  3. Marriage
    I'm not sure it's for me, but he's pretty sure I'll be alone in this world forever with that attitude. He's awfully judgy about this point.
  4. What constitutes a good movie
    Objectively, I totally know what movies are high quality. I mean, I watch the Oscars. I read critical blogs. He's such a simpleton -- as long as things are blowing up or people are making out, he's really happy.
  5. McDonald's
    I know it's going to make me feel gross, but he talks me into it EVERY TIME. Ugh.
  6. How much I have to do tomorrow
    He always seems to think my schedule is empty all the time, which is absurd. This also contributes to our ongoing discussions about how early I need to be awake, which is not "just about 10 minutes before walking out the door." Honestly, it takes me longer than that to brush my teeth! What a goof.
  7. Clothing
    We just have very different opinions of what is clean and/or well-fitting and/or flattering enough to leave the house in. It's cute though, he thinks I'm beautiful in pretty much everything I wear.
  8. PDA
    Oof, this one's embarrassing. My guy is just WAY into it. I think it's tacky and immature. But in this case, it only takes one to tango (or put their hand on the others butt 😘), ya know?
  9. If I should publish this list
    He thinks it's hilarious. I'm not entirely sure? But he's convincing me.