Very minimal middle ground here.
  1. When someone says your full name outloud while talking to you
    You are either in a lot of trouble or someone is about to tell you they love you.
  2. Raw fish
    Fine dining or a disaster.
  3. Getting your period late
    Depends what you're hoping for.
  4. Pants don't fit
    Many reasons why this can be so good, many reasons why it can be so bad, but there is no in between.
  5. Overhearing other people talking about you
    Flattering or embarrassing.
  6. Someone unexpected in your bed
    This is either a welcome or very very unwelcome surprise.
  7. Discovering forgotten leftovers from a meal you enjoyed
    This will be an amazing dinner, or you found them because of the smell.
  8. Cultures with no growth
    Sorry, nerdy medicine stuffs. But either it's super great news that there are no bugs growing or nobody knows what's wrong and the culture isn't helping.
  9. A person you recently met and like saying, "I'm in a band"
    Do you like musicians? Is the band tolerable? Are you going to have to sit through bad gigs? Are you getting awesome backstage passes? It's going one way or the other here.
  10. Knock at the door
    Ed McMahon versus state troopers. Or, more realistically, Girl Scout cookies and deliveries versus proselytizing.