1. About a year ago, I was in a bad car accident.
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    I totaled my car.
  2. I am very very lucky that I only broke my arm.
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    And that the other person involved was fine.
  3. That being said, I really broke the shit out of my arm.
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    You do not need a medical degree to see this.
  4. It hurt a lot and I had 2 surgeries.
  5. They put a metal plate in it.
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    Now I am Wolverine.
  6. I am also very lucky that after a lot of occupational therapy with my life coach and BFF Karen, OT CHT, I regained almost all of the function of my right arm and hand.
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    And got rid of the claw hand that plagued me for a few months. ✊🏽
  7. But in the meantime, I learned that a lot of things are quite challenging without full use of your dominant hand and arm.
    So without further ado (and minimal photographic evidence because I allowed very little documentation of this part of my life):
  8. Putting up your hair 💇🏼
    This one is actually near impossible. Thank god for headbands (and the kind souls who came over to do my braid and visit with their dogs). Otherwise I would have eaten a lot of hair.
  9. Buttoning your pants 👖
    Even when they fit. And especially when they don't.
  10. Examining a patient 😷
    Especially putting on isolation gowns and gloves.
  11. Making your bed 💤
    Gave up on that one from the get go.
  12. Eating with utensils 🍴
    I eventually just started putting bowls to my mouth and chewing straight out of it like a trough (when other people were not around to see) (most of the time).
  13. Enjoying your time with a partner or self in some kind of romantical situation 💋
    I will leave it at that because my brother is on here now.
  14. Makeup💄
    Related to above.
  15. Painting your nails 💅🏽
  16. Opening telescoped boxes that wonderful people have filled with cookies and sent to you 🍪
    Planet of the apes.
  17. Baking 🍰
    Lol @ mixing.
  18. Finding your keys in your bag 🔑
  19. Opening jars🍯
    Any jars.
  20. Driving 🚗
    This one is also questionably legal.
  21. Folding clothes 👔
  22. Opening a door while holding literally anything 🚪💼
  23. Being a functional adult who lives alone 🏠👩🏼😟
    In sum.