Love me some HP, but I have lingering issues. What up, ABCFamily Harry Potter Weekend for the thousandth time.
  1. Harry never turns to the dark side.
    He gets broody and mean to his friends, but never even considers going bad? Cmon.
  2. Hermione is treated like a crazy person for wanting to free a class of literal slaves.
    They're slaves. Why is this a joke.
  3. Why do they need their wand for some spells and not others?
  4. Supposedly, in book 3, Hermione and Ron don't speak to each other for like over half the year, yet are in all the same classes.
    As a former high schooler who excelled at the silent treatment, this seems HIGHLY unlikely to be successful.
  5. Wouldn't you think there'd at least be a small group of muggles who would suspect the existence of wizards?
    And hang out at the train station watching people walk through a wall?
  6. I really wish Snape had just been evil. Just bad.
    I know the "Always" story line is very romantical and stuff but SOMETIMES PEOPLE ARE BAD.
  7. Harry loses his invisibility cloak like a billion times and then miraculously just has it back.
    I know it's a fiction series but this annoys me.
  8. Does everyone Harry loves have to die? Ffs.
  9. The entire plot of the fourth book was built on a ridiculously overwrought evil plan.
    But we still loved it.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey