I'm working a 24 hr+ shift today and it's just been a non-stop squee-fest (except the gross medicine, of course).
  1. Two patients who are best buddies set up a "hospital" for their dolls.
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    One of them told the other that the dolls weren't going to do well if she didn't pay enough attention to them.
  2. A very cute 3 year old snuck up next to the attending who was sitting down, tugged her sleeve, and told the her that she LOVED her coat.
    It was a white coat. She also identified the character on her dress as Ninderella.
  3. A 1 year old who is on contact precautions was being walked down the hallway by his 6 year old lady friend, who was decked out in full plastic isolation gown and gloves so she could hold his hand.
    Like, cmon.
  4. An alllllllmost 5 year old squealed and made his play-doh man run away from the play-doh dinosaur I had hastily constructed, without missing a beat or needing an explanation.
    Kids, man.
    If this was Grey's, it would mean I look super hot and might be getting laid. Instead, I'm in dirty scrubs and a track jacket with my name on it and I've been prank paging people to ask them to prom all day. Because hospital prom is actually for the teenagers, not us.
  6. A bunch of hair and makeup professionals donated their time and have turned our usual conference room into a super legit salon.
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    The wine in the background is for parents, they are NOT allowed at Prom.
  7. Here is the red carpet entrance.
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  8. There is a photo booth.
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    With props.
  9. And a guy doing caricatures.
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  11. And fashion!
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  12. And best of all, prom poses!
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