This does not include things that everyone can agree are gross: cockroaches, pantyliners in swimsuits, crusty food on public transport. It is a long overdue response to @Goldie's request to elaborate when I said Bandaids were my syrup on @tombatten's list abt throwing up in front of his students. Each of these items has made me cry, and some, barf.
  1. Cotton balls and rolls of cotton, ESPECIALLY ripping them
    My hair stands on end even having to touch it, and even if I close my eyes and hum to myself, simply knowing that someone is ripping cotton near me gives me full body goosebumps and I break out into a cold sweat.
  2. Bandaids
    All Bandaids I hate them typing this makes me want to vomit they are disgusting I chose the wrong profession.
  3. That Mederma commercial where people hold up the picture of their scar over the place it used to be and then throw it away and it looks like they're taking their face off:
  4. Wet stickers
    I can not even describe how deeply this gives me the willies.