I could go on forever. I'm frequently tickled.
  1. Narrating dogs
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    "Dis mah leaf. I'm a dog."
  2. When someone is publicly shown to do something they decry (see: "family values")
  3. Laffy Taffy jokes
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    They're just silly puns and they get me every damn time.
  4. A well timed "if you love it so much why don't you marry it."
    Works with both live people and inanimate objects.
  5. When @donnie crafted himself into a corner.
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    I can't stop laughing at someone accidentally yelling benign things at me. Best examples always are from @sam's DENY CAPS: Deny Caps (2012-)
  7. Get off my lawn!
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    I know it's overplayed but it's just such a perfect description of how I feel ALL THE TIME.
  8. Unnecessarily numbered restaurants
    There's a restaurant called Tijuana Tacos 3 that I order from regularly for pretty much this reason alone. Where are 1 and 2?! We'll never know.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA another Laffy Taffy joke
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    I'm so sorry that I'm not sorry.