I was working nights in August when I stumbled across an article about the opening of @thebroadmuseum. Knowing I'd be home in LA in October, I immediately wrote my mom an excited email with the subject "CULTURE?!?!?" suggesting we go. Our day finally arrived today, and it was AWESOME. Here's some stuff I learned from the experience.
  1. First of all, it's pronounced BRODE, not broad like shoulders.
    Picked this hot tip up when I snickered at the employee who welcomed us to the "BRODE" and my parents were like, Sally, you're a moron.
    I can't caps-lock that enough. You can get them online, for free, and you can guarantee the time you'll go in. I strongly advise getting the earliest ticket you can (see below for why). Given that most of 2015 is booked up, you can always arrive early and stand in the day-of line, but you aren't guaranteed admission, and apparently, per every news story I've seen this week, El Niño is coming.
  3. As soon as you walk in, sign up for your time in Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room.
    It is so so cool and absolutely worth the wait. However, it's separate from your admission ticket (though still free). They take your name and number and text you when it's almost your turn. It takes 3 minutes to sign up, and you can leave the museum and come back if you want, but it booked up WAY early in the day today, a random Friday in October. By the time our appointment came along (1:30PM), the official wait time was 6 hours.
  4. Do not rely on their bathrooms.
    They're lovely and clean but very small (only 3 stalls on the first floor women's bathroom! My dad reports 1 urinal and 1 stall in the men's!). I imagine if I really had to go, I would have been in big trouble. (This is not a picture of the bathroom but rather some cool art)
  5. Enjoy their fantastic exhibits.
    So varied and interesting and thought-provoking and fun and neat.
  6. Take pictures with their fantastic exhibits.
    I direct you to the official listapp account for @thebroadmuseum, and specifically this very useful list: ARTWORKS TO POSE WITH AT THE BROAD
  7. Look at stuff from the side.
    So much of contemporary art plays with texture and different mediums/materials and this is on full display at The Broad. They let you get really close to the art (just don't touch it!), so take advantage of the visible angles.
  8. No but seriously, don't touch the art.
    Because you can walk through it, I thought you could sit on these chairs. You can not. I got (appropriately) yelled at, then turned the color of tomato.
  9. When you're in the Infinity Room, you do you, but my advice would be to not spend the WHOLE time taking selfies.
    It's an outstanding photo, no doubt, but it's also an incredible, mind-bending experience to stand in there alone. And you only have 45 seconds. Divvy em up how you please, but I tried not to spend more than 15 of those seconds snapping hot shots.
  10. Peek into the collection storage on the second floor.
    It's astounding how much art isn't even on display. Lookit this article about it: (also, I stole this photo off the internet, but it's pretty accurate).
  11. After enjoying all the art you want, and going into the Infinity Room and being like 😮, walk over to Grand Central Market and get some food.
    Excellent options abound, but let's be real about why we're all here.