Context is everything. Also, many of the people I know have the sense of humor of a 13 year-old (myself included).
  1. I think so, as long as it is LARGE.
    Re: whether a file could be saved as a JPEG.
  2. Is it so wrong that Ron-Ron juice sounds kinda good?
    Re: the second season of Jersey Shore
  3. First, I want to say that I'm really looking forward to you coming.
    Re: a fight I'd had the night prior with my long distance boyfriend.
  4. My bra was still wet this morning.
    Re: getting caught in a summer rain storm
  5. It's not long or deep.
    Re: a list I had written (meta!)
  6. I'm in.
    Re: Shakespeare in the Park
  7. It's keeping me from closing my mouth.
    Re: very bad canker sores.
  8. Who's coming with me? And how many times?
    Re: copious available Roots tickets
  9. I put too many in my mouth and then was afraid I was gonna die.
    Re: overeating Kix while stoned
  10. Watching is free.
    Re: FAQ for a trampoline gym