This is barely a list, mostly ListApp catharsis.
  1. I am currently on night shift on the Pediatric Oncology floor.
  2. My nights coresident, Jen, is one of my best friends.
    There's very little oversight on nights, so it's mostly just the two of us in a 10'x6' room getting crazy. Lots of take-out, ER opening credits wordless sing-a-longs, and Marnie the dog impressions. And delirium. Also medicine, sometimes.
  3. Early in our block of nights, we got an email from an attending not on service.
    He wanted to tell us about a patient who we were not taking care of, but was in a room on the floor, admitted to the neurosurgical service. This attending is very serious, all the time.
  4. "Neurosurgery should be handling everything, and he has no onc issues, but since his tumor is bleeding (slowly) into his brain there's a tiny chance you might have to deal with a (unexpected) catastrophe."
  5. (unexpected) catastrophe became our catch phrase.
  6. Both of us had uncharacteristically clairvoyant calls throughout the week about patient care that averted disaster.
    (unexpected) catastrophes not realized.
  7. We get one night off a week.
    Because we're on a night schedule, we usually just end up hanging out with each other. Last week, we went to a food truck rally and hung out on Jen's roof deck until 4am. #bigliving
  8. This weekend, however, was the big tamale.
  9. Taylor Swift.
    Tickets purchased months and months ago.
  10. In Philadelphia, at Financial Field.
    With another friend meeting us there.
  11. We wake early in the afternoon, giddy with excitement, drive 2+ hours, grab dinner, and head to the concert.
  12. At the gate, all three of us hear the same odd beeping noise at the same time as we attempt to enter.
    Beeps going down in pitch, instead of up. Appropriately, these beeps sounded downtrodden, instead of gleeful. These were the beeps of rejection.
  13. "These tickets are for yesterday, ma'am."
  14. Nay! The confirmation email says clearly: Saturday June 13th!
    And then we realize, that though this is true, the tickets are for June 12th. Laura Hoffman, heartless monster we do not know, incorrectly listed them on StubHub.
  15. Laura Hoffman, we hate you.
  16. StubHub will refund our tickets, but can not give us new ones.
    Because obviously, there are not 3 available tickets. This is Taylor Swift we are talking about.
  17. Apparently, they tried to call about 2 hours prior to the show.
    But my friend who had the tickets is also buying a house, and has been getting frequent solicitations for home insurance, did not pick up the 866 number.
  18. There is nothing to do, as we hear the opening notes of the concert from outside the football stadium, but walk away.
  19. And as we trudge back to our unneeded parking spot, defeated, Jen states the obvious.
  20. (unexpected) catastrophe.