Grey's Anatomy (and my actual training, to a lesser degree) prepared me for the long hours, difficult patients, self-diagnosis, emotional turmoil, and inevitability of bad outcomes. But there are other, unforeseen difficulties.
  1. Unwanted knowledge, passive: noticing something wrong with someone's child on Facebook, making visual diagnoses on buses
    I always expected over-sharing from friends and family seeking advice, but this is a whole other ball game. There is absolutely no good way to handle your high school acquaintance's kid's head circumference which appears to be increasing too quickly via Instagram posts.
  2. Awareness of (and subsequent rage at) inexcusable medical care for loved ones
    When I was a 3rd year medical student, a dermatologist with incredibly questionable ethics was shilling out her work to undertrained assistants and missed my dad's skin cancer diagnosis until my mom demanded a biopsy. I have never spoken to another human being in the manner in which I read that woman the riot act (dad is doing great now! 👍).
  3. White coats and scrubs that do not cooperate with my chest
    Real talk: they're made for men
  4. Inability to sympathize with friends bemoaning perfectly reasonable standards of care
    Wouldn't have given your kid antibiotics either, sorry I'm not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Frustration at all the false information people are letting having deleterious effects on their lives.
    Imagine someone yelling repeatedly at you, "YOUR MATH TEACHER WAS PART OF THE CONSPIRACY!! THIS SIGN + MEANS DIVISION! 20+4=5!!!! This is why your bank account is empty!!!" That's what Facebook is like for me.
  6. The incredible amount of havoc intermittently being on nights can wreak on your social life and sanity.
    I could make an entire list of questionable choices I've made in my life while on nights.
  7. When you work 120 hour weeks and are only wearing scrubs for months at a time, you can gain a LOT of weight without really noticing.
    PJs and scrubs are really forgiving, and that's all you got time to wear. 😬