1. Insect pictures on Instagram
    Grosssssss whyyyyyy?
  2. Nuts in perfectly good brownies
  3. When Pandora commercials are louder than the music
    It makes me jump and then I look stoooopid. Especially when I'm listening at work and on the phone with my attending and all of a sudden the computer is shouting "HEY PANDORA USER ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FAST WAY TO SELL YOUR CAR?!" and my attending is all uhhhhh and I'm frantically trying to turn down the volume and it's a mess
  4. Horror movie commercials fooling me by starting out happy before showing something TERRIFYING and giving me nightmares
  5. Zucchini in grilled vegetables
    You ruiiined itttttttt
  6. That $5 9/11 fee that makes my free Southwest flights not actually free
    Ugggghhhhh it always costs moneeeey. I don't wanna be unpatriotic, but why won't you let me have just this one thing, America.
  7. Anytime a neighbor knocks on my door while I'm in PJs aka all of the times
    I don't wanna talk to yoooouuuuuuu
  8. Instagram photos of bleeding wounds.
    Why why why why why
    Suggested by @abbinka
  9. pictures of snakes
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  10. raisins in challah
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  11. Pictures of rodents... Just no.
    Suggested by @IHJ
  12. When your husband asks you what's going on during The Good Wife
    No one speaks when Julianna Margulies is on TV.
    Suggested by @thatssoayesha
  13. When you decided to have a day of alone time and you run into a friend.
    Suggested by @lgw