Mostly so I could use them in all text messages and/or daily conversation.
  1. q
    Every. Used to give frequency. Take this medicine q12h. My mom is texting me q45seconds.
  2. PRN
    As needed (for). His doctor prescribed him Xanax PRN flying. I've been been going to Costco for most of my grocery shopping, but sometimes hit up the supermarket PRN fresh veggies.
  3. 2/2
    Secondary to, as in, as a result of or due to. Patient has diarrhea 2/2 antibiotic use. Her boyfriend has been MIA 2/2 fantasy baseball season.
  4. SOB
    Shortness of breath. I only want people to know so you don't think you're being bad mouthed.
  5. GI/GU
    Gastrointestinal (aka belly)/geniturinary (lady or man parts). We should admit the patient with vomiting to the GI service. It seems like this girl with vague abdominal pain has a GU issue. After all those tacos, I'm having some serious GI distress. I'm your best friend and also a doctor, you can always come to me with GU problems.
  6. s/p
    Status post. Her medical history is significant for tonsillitis s/p tonsillectomy. I am not sure I'll have the energy for anything s/p this conversation with my boyfriend.
  7. URI
    Upper respiratory infection, aka a cold. Your child has a URI; they will get better on their own. This URI is sucking the life out of me.
  8. PO/NPO
    Per os/non per os (os is mouth in this instance). Essentially, eat/can not eat. Before surgery, you are NPO. I am going to PO the shit out of this beer after work.
  9. Hx
    History (of). Patient has hx gallstones and seasonal allergies. We keep telling her to breakup with him but you know they have hx.
  10. R/O
    Rule out (often used in the context of "evaluate for"). I don't actually want to use this that much in daily conversation, but just FYI for ya'll if you get a bill that says "r/o cancer" it does NOT mean you have cancer.
  11. FOB - father of baby (not fresh off the boat in this case)
    Suggested by @TT