The past two days I've been working coverage shifts in the Peds ER (No Angus, sorry, ListApp world) (ugh, sorry, Sally). These are the patients I saw and remember.
  1. Broken tibia/fibula, fell off older brother's bike
    I sedated, ortho casted. Admitted for observation.
  2. Cardiopulmonary arrest (aka stopped breathing, heart stopped beating)
    The EMTs had incredibly revived the patient on the way to the hospital. Still very sick. Required over an hour of critical care in the ER, then went to the PICU.
  3. Helmet-to-helmet high school football injury
    Scary neurological signs (one-sided weakness, neck pain). Rapidly improved. Just a bad concussion and a rib fracture. Went home.
  4. Suspected miscarriage
    Studies ended up showing that she hadn't been pregnant any time recently. Went home.
  5. Yucky gastrointestinal symptoms (I'll spare you)
    Labs and a CT scan, talked to the specialists. Family was incredibly lovely and patient. Went home.
  6. Infant rolled off parents' bed, lost consciousness
    Adorable and playful by the time I saw him. Also a delightful, understanding family. Observed for 4 hours. Went home.
  7. Another helmet-to-helmet high school football injury
    Pretty much fine at the scene. Concussion. Went home.
  8. Chest pain, palpitations, excess salivation
    Studies were very normal. Probably anxiety. Went home.
  9. Teenager who fell off a go-kart
    Broken skull -- she had AIR in her BRAIN. Also concussed. But nothing to do but watch. Went home.
  10. Dog attack on a toddler
    Some really deep, large lacerations, and a whole bunch of puncture wounds. Patient was a total trooper. Washed out the wounds, closed them with staples, talked his mom out of shooting the dog. Went home.
  11. Neck pain after a rollover car accident
    Neck ligament injury, ortho fitted him for a brace. Broken pinky finger. I splinted. Went home.
  12. Arm pain after a rollover car accident
    Broken humerus. Casted before I came in. Went home.
  13. Painful peeing
    Toddler with a urinary tract infection. Gave antibiotics. Went home.
  14. Wheezing
    Gave albuterol inhaler and steroids for asthma exacerbation. Went home.
  15. Back pain
    Constipation. Went home.
  16. Tremors, dizziness, numbness
    Transplant medication side effect. Checked level of the medicine, will follow-up with specialist. Went home.
  17. Fever, urine infection
    Had already been in the ED yesterday and was getting appropriate treatment. Looked great. Long conversation about fever phobia. Went home.
  18. Difficulty breathing, maybe wheezing?
    It was a cold, baby was congested. No wheezing. Went home.
  19. Foot swelling and pain after (you guessed it) football game
    Stepped on by a cleat. Not broken. Got crutches for comfort. Went home.
  20. Eye laceration after fall
    Hit a drawer with eyelid. Sutured. Went home.
  21. Cancer patient with mouth pain, not drinking enough
    Condition called mucositis, related to chemotherapy. Also had a crazy rash. Pretty stable, not that uncomfortable. Admitted for hydration and pain control.
  22. Swollen penis in a toddler
    Crazy penis infection (balanitis). Consulted the specialists to make sure I wasn't ruining this kid's penis future by just prescribing creams. Was reassured. Went home.
  23. Vomiting, lips changing colors
    Probably just a stomach bug. Mom was trying to express that his lips looked dry. They did. Encouraged fluids. Went home.
  24. Rash
    Bug bites. Went home.
  25. Duo of wheezers
    Two kids with asthma made worse by a house full of smokers and a mold problem. One came in visibly in distress, while the other looked fine. When I listened to their lungs, it was the exact opposite. Still getting treated when I left.
  26. Then I went home.