Requested by @TT
Most of the time I don't wear white coats (don't want to scare the wee ones) (nor the adults), so the majority of this fits in my scrub booty/booby pockets (h/t @AlexandraLouise) and/or my track jacket pockets.
  1. PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) cards
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    If I could only carry one thing, it'd be this. It has all the instructions for CPR by age, the large majority of algorithms needed when a patient is crashing (bad infection/sepsis, heart stopping, heart beating too fast and weirdly), and basically is a how-to for most basic emergencies. It's my security blanket and I never want to be caught without it.
  2. Pens on pens on pens
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    I will snag literally any pen that the hospital gives me. I am hard on my pens. @donnie got me these shot pens that serve as a good icebreaker/joke with patients, and also nobody can get away with stealing them.
  3. Penlight
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    I examine a lot of kids and babies early in the morning and late at night, and not waking them up is a big priority. Need a portable flashlight.
  4. 20oz bottle of Diet Coke
    If I wear the right size scrubs, it'll fit in my back pocket!
  5. Kids Kard
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    Similar concept to PALS card in that it's a pocket size fold-out for emergencies, but more medications and reference values (sizes of tubes by age, normal vital signs by age, calculations of fluids, etc).
  6. Hair ties
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    Tbh I have hair ties in every pocket, bag, room of my house, drawer. I don't like my hair to be in my face.
  7. "Yellow cards"
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    They're my residency program's annual directory of important phone and pager numbers. All day long, you can hear a question being asked, then answered with, "check your yellow cards" or "isn't that on our yellow cards?" They are 3 invaluable pieces of trifold card stock.
  8. Handoff
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    A piece of paper with a list of all my patients I'm taking care of that day, stapled to a packet of basic information about them (brief summary of they're there, meds they're on, to-do lists). Usually littered with my notes from rounds. This is actually today's (bottom notes part only, obviously, I can't show the real patient stuff 😁).
  9. Snax
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    Momma gets hungry during rounds.
  10. Small toy
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    For distraction purposes. Extra helpful when it's also a light ("Can the doggy look in your mouth?").
  11. My NICU book when I'm in the NICU, my PICU book when I'm in the PICU (not right now wooooo)
    These places have all different terminologies and protocols and essentially a whole other language. Need a translation dictionary.
  12. Obvi mah pager
  13. Obvi mah hospital phone, when applicable
  14. Obvi mah cellphone
    For listappin!