This is a safe space this is a safe space this is a safe space
  1. That time I drove to Page, AZ while playing "The Heart Wants What It Wants" by Selena Gomez manually on repeat (for 1.5 hours) (and another 1.5 hours on the way back).
    Every time I hit the "back" button, I told myself it was the last time. It wasn't.
  2. People would be able to see how infrequently I use my playlists called "Cardio" and "Gym" and "Running."
    Aka never.
  3. Sometimes I get really desperate and listen to 20 different cover versions of Taylor Swift songs.
    Not proud.
  4. My proclivity for playing "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri before and after meeting up with my ex-boyfriend.
    And "Sort Of" by Ingrid Michaelson. And "Stronger" by Britney. And "Chicago" by Sufjan. It's very cliche and I'm embarrassed.
  5. I made a video based on the Hunger Games and listened to the same 2 pieces of score from the film about a thousand times to test the timing.
    It would have both ruined the surprise of the video and made me look like a total crazy person.
  6. When I have to play a "Serenity" playlist at 3AM because I'm still awake and have to be up in 2 hours.
    Insomnia can feel shameful after a certain point.
  7. The beautiful day I drove around blasting 10,000 Maniacs non-stop.
    Dunno why I want this to be a secret but MIND YOUR OWN BEESWAX.
  8. There are days when the only way I'm going to get any chores done is by listening to a special combo of Mulan, Pomp & Circumstance, and Stars and Stripes Forever.
    I find it extremely motivating but recognize that it might be strange to others.
  9. My fondness for the playlists named "Teen Pop" and "Teen Party!"
    Exclamation point included.
  10. Because it's creepy that people can know what I'm listening to all the time anyway.
    This is probably the #1 reason, if I'm being real. I don't really have a ton of shame.