My crockpot came into my life by accident. @donnie kindly asked what I wanted as a housewarming gift, and I said "a big pot to cook pasta and soup, ya know, like a crockpot," and he sent me a slowcooker. What a serendipitous mixup. (Prior to my List Hiatus™, I saw a comment asking about pro/con for crockpots and this has chilled in my drafts since)
  1. My house smells AMAZING when I use it.
    As does the hallway of my apartment building. For days. I'm fairly convinced I could put anything in there and it would smell like a gourmet masterpiece.
  2. I can cook overnight.
    Once I read enough online blogs encouraging me to get over my anxiety about leaving a heating object on overnight, and moved everything from around it to another part of the house, and observed it directly not burning down my apartment, and agonized a little, I finally screwed up enough courage to dump in the ingredients and let her ride overnight (and sometimes, while I'm out of the house, if I REALLY wanna live). It's like discovering time that never existed before.
  3. It's easy to make full meals of vegetables.
    You can read in my earlier lists how much I love tricking myself into eating vegetables in different forms (because I am essentially a toddler). When I first got my slow cooker, I bought a vegan cookbook with this in mind, as well as with the idea that vegetable based large dishes go bad more slowly than those with meat or dairy. I was right about the longer shelf time, AND the cookbook is BOMB. Strong recommend:
  4. When someone says, "did you know you can cook a whole chicken in a crockpot?" or "have you ever made mulled apple cider in a crockpot?" I can say, "OOOH no, but that sounds good, and I have a crockpot!"
    That's a satisfying freedom to me.
  5. Potluck dishes are SO much easier.
    The version @donnie bought me is optimistically large (one day, @donnie, maybe I'll be eating for more than just 1.5) (I count residency as a half person), so it makes bringing large dishes of a flavorful food a snap.
  6. When I have loads of leftover vegetables from the farmers market, it eases my anxiety about how I'll use them.
    This is big for me, because sometimes the FM is pretty out of my budget. As a result, I feel real guilty if I don't eat what I buy, but I know I can always pop them in ye olde slow cooker with some broth and make some kind of soup or stew.
  7. There is so much more pin-able stuff on Pinterest.
    Pinterest LOVES crockpots.
  8. I was able to participate seamlessly in my job's "Crocktober" event.
    I made North African Chickpea Stew and it was a runaway hit. I felt both sophisticated and domestic.
  9. You can find a recipe for almost anything in a crockpot.
    This isn't really my current jam, but it feels like it opens a lot of future doors for me.
  10. People love crockpots, and will talk to you about them endlessly!
    Not exactly a sexy conversation topic (this isn't a sexy list!), but it is a reliable commonality in most situations. Unless it burned someone's house down, I would be taken hugely by surprise to read a list about how much a person hates crockpots.
  11. It stops and makes me think about how sometimes, a slow heat can create more depth than something flashy and fast.
    This is totally a lie, but I thought it was a good way to fit the tenor of ListApp these days.
  12. Real talk: it is stupid easy to use.
    I love cooking, and I am all about the satisfaction of crafting a fancy recipe. And I still do that! That being said, man, do I love how lazy I can be with my crockpot. There are definitely ways to complicate slow cooker recipes, but most of the time, it's real hard to mess up. It doesn't make me less of a chef, it just frees up some time for me while I also make a delicious, large volume meal.
  13. It is a versatile, affordable kitchen item.
    I find a lot of joy in the luxury of single-function kitchen items (avocado masher, toaster, zester, berry basket), but there's no denying that the are a niche market demanding a lot out of your pocket. Crockpots exist with a very doable range of prices and boast about 1 billion uses (seriously, consult Pinterest and/or your local PTA). In summary, will a crockpot company please hire me, and also I hope you enjoy the crockpot I just talked you into buying.