Happy Mother's Day!
  1. Any port in a storm.
    We are generally referring to a toilet. But it comes up a lot.
  2. Everyone just wants to be heard.
    Pretty sure I said this in every interview for residency, usually in response to some kind of question about teamwork. It is so so true, and has helped me settle many disagreements, both personal and professional.
  3. Maybe he has 2.
    A phrase my mother learned from her own mother. Said in reference to a mismatched pair where one partner is significantly more attractive than the male. This is one of my favorites.
  4. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.
    As a follow-up to the above. Who knows what's really going on in any given relationship. Also very relevant to my job: there's no way to know all the factors that go into a child's health status and you have to screen EVERYBODY for domestic violence.
  5. We will pick you up anytime, anywhere, no questions asked, no matter what.
    Granted, I have no children, but I advise all parents of teenagers to institute this rule, so I end up saying it a lot.
  6. Yuhup da juden sunenshine.
    Ok, to be real, this is not at all what my mom says. This is a Yiddish phrase that means something along the lines of, "when the Jews are celebrating, the sun shines." My mom says it whenever the weather is nice on a Jewish holiday. Neither @donnie nor I have any idea how to say it right, but we pretend to and it makes our mom laugh.
  7. I'm/you're not for everyone.
    My mom and I both have very...big personalities. Openly owning this can be crucial to quelling anxiety about what people think of me and/or expressing unpopular opinions.
  8. Ya know, if you start clean...
    Said repeatedly (to the point of absurdity) any time we are cleaning up while preparing for a large meal or big party. The unspoken end of the statement is obviously that your life will be so much easier later when there's less mess to build on. Most of the time, I can get @donnie to finish the sentence by simply starting the dishes and saying "ya know..."
  9. Dummheit muss bestrsaft werden.
    German for: stupidity must be punished. Speaks for itself.