A small sampler.
  1. Borborygmi: bore-bore-rig-mee
    The noises your belly makes when hungry or angry.
  2. Duodenum: doo-uh-dee-num OR doo-ah-deh-num
    The first part of your intestines after your stomach. @donnie is convinced I made this one up (I didn't).
  3. Salpingo: sal-ping-o
    Things related to the the Fallopian tube. Also a nickname that my Ob-Gyn friend calls me.
  4. Logorrhea: log-uh-ree-ah
    Literally, verbal diarrhea.
  5. Omphalocele: oom-fahl-uh-seal
    A birth defect where a baby's intestines are outside the abdomen via the belly button. Belongs on @TT's recent list of whacky medical diagnoses.
  6. Crepitus: creh-pit-tis
    Crackly feel or sound, like in joints when getting out of bed.
  7. Rhonchi: ron-kai
    A rattling sound your lungs make when you're ill.
  8. Manubrium: man-oo-bree-um
    The upper part of your chest bone, or sternum.
  9. Chikungunya: chick-cun-goon-yuh
    A tropical disease marked by bad fevers.
  10. Gubernaculum: goober-nack-yoo-lum
    A structure in an embryo that, for men, helps guides testes into the scrotum and becomes a ligament that holds them in place; or in women, helps guide the ovaries into place and holds them and the uterus in the pelvis.
  11. Kwashiorkor: quash-ee-or-core
    Protein-based malnutrition.
  12. Apotemnophilia--The compulsion to amputate parts of self
    Suggested by @ouizoid
  13. Bezoar (Bee-zore): a big old clump of hair and whatnot stuck in the stomach. Also a great band or cat name IMO.
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  14. Pancreata...because pancreases just doesn't sound fancy enough
    Suggested by @ohsteph
  15. Spinnbarkeit - (German for the ability to be spun) used to describe the stretchiness of fluid like cervical mucus before ovulation. The more spinnbarkeit, the easier it is for sperm to get through. I'll let you google the classic pic of this 😁
    Suggested by @TT