The short answer is no. This bushy haired, almost 18 year old, size 11 footed, huge man/child who is my son.
  1. His sister got her uni degree and the job of her dreams. Every day he tells me "Mum just keep in mind you'll never see something like this from me - just so you won't be disappointed. I'm going to play music for the rest of my life."
    Bless him. I tell him he could never disappoint me and I couldn't love him anymore than I already do.
  2. Every day he makes me laugh at something so ridiculous delivered with such a cheeky smile, it never ceases to make my day.
  3. Today's little gem?
    He was in the bathroom and overheard a conversation between his sister and me about her pay not going into her bank account.
  4. "Honestly!" She says. "How hard can it be? They don't have to give me their own personal savings. It's a huge hospital, and paying me is just data entry and they are just data enter-ers!"
  5. Bushy haired man/child enters the room shortly after and informs me with a big poop-eating grin on his face, "Now THAT sounds like a job for me. 'Data Emperor'. I'm gonna wear hospital scrubs and a name tag that says 'Emporer of the Data (I am your father in brackets)' Cool!"
    Cracks himself up and leaves the room.
  6. The Data Emperor
  7. God I love that kid!