Don't get me wrong I'm sure he's a nice guy...
  1. My husband has the biggest man crush on Hugh Jackman.
  2. Because we live in Australia and Hugh is Australian, he is like the darling of the entire freaking country.
  3. Every time you turn on the TV or see a magazine in the rack at the check out...there he is.
  4. Don't get me wrong, this perfect specimen has done nothing wrong or offended anyone in any way.
  5. I don't know why I just groan every time he graces a magazine cover or morning TV show.
    He's so...well...perfect!
  6. Why does my face automatically go
  7. He's just so damn perfect!
    Maybe I'm partial to a bad boy? 😏
  8. Whenever he appears on something the commentary in our house goes like this -
    Husband: there he is. What a nice guy. I love Hugh. Me: oh FFS! The ubiquitous Hugh Jackman.
  9. So TODAY - Easter Sunday - I turn on the morning news and ... Yep - Hugh freakin Jackman
  10. This time he's saving children in the surf at Bondi!
  11. Let's just canonise him now and get it over with
    I present St. Hugh Jackman
  12. 😇
  13. My husband is still laughing at my groaning.
  14. Disclaimer: Hugh Jackman is exactly the nice stand up guy he is portrayed to be. I have no explanation for my reaction. Other than said husband going on and on and on......😫
  15. PS I will delete this list as soon as I feel I have successfully purged my unrealistic and totally undeserved trashing of St. Hugh.
  16. PPS Sorry Hugh. You are perfect. But I don't know - get a tattoo or a hangover or something! Anything!