How I Met Hillary Clinton Last Night

NH primary living is a dream
  1. I've been a die-hard democrat since Bill shook my hand in 92 (when I was 7). I still have the newspaper clipping somewhere.
  2. My parents live in my hometown of Goffstown, NH - a small suburb where you literally trip over candidates on your way to the grocery store if you're not careful.
    In 2008, my dad and I met all the democratic candidates and are oatmeal with Kucinich in a local diner.
  3. I came home from Boston for the weekend to volunteer before the debate.
    The idea that Sarah Palin almost became the first woman in the White House doubled my resolve to help Hillary win.
  4. I knocked doors with a stranger (now friend) for 3 hours in 35* weather with major windchill.
    Most people were out finishing Christmas shopping but the few we talked to were majorly pleasant!
  5. I went home to get a snack and pick up dad, then we went to Saint Anselm's college, where the debate was being held.
  6. We stood outside for another 2 hours, trying to out-cheer the Sanders campaign and get our signs more visibility.
    O'Malley was there too - if you count four people running around like crazy, all holding cardboard cutouts of him from the waist up.
  7. We went to the official watch party in the Manchester mill yard, at Milly's tavern.
  8. We ate dinner and watched the debate rage. People cheered for Hillary and mostly didn't boo anyone else.
    As a former field director, this VAN sh*t makes me crazy so I'm glad we didn't waste more time on it.
  9. We saw the campaign setting up a stage ten feet from us.
    They said the governor was coming, but we know secret service work when we see it.
    Yaaaaaas queen!
  11. I took more pictures standing on my chair. My legs were shaking.
    It's the first time my sister has seen Hillary in person and she finally gets how effing thrilling it is!
  12. We all laughed when Bill said this weather was cold (ha. Ha ha HA!)
    In 2008 my car battery froze during the 3 am Election Day canvass.
  13. Exhausted and elated, we all went home to bed.
    I'll be back in February to volunteer again! Vote for Hillary, let's make history!