1. Dvr Arthur every day
    He is 21
  2. Make moon shine
  3. make a "chill zone" in the crawl space
  4. let off a huge mortar firework in their bedroom
  5. Go turkey hunting at 4 am before high school
    Only have to get triple A to get your car out twice
  6. Drive your pick up truck in circle at Jeffrey mansion bc of Friday night lights
    Cops come to house Bc this is illegal apparently
  7. Create Club in bedroom. Charge admission, especially for New Years. Drinks are free besides beer and Perrier, youngest brother racks up tab he can't afford bc of the unknown Perrier cost and is banned from club
  8. takes furniture from house and bffs house without asking to sell at bargain beetles (second ha d shop)
  9. drinks too much cough syrup to be like drake
  10. Be watching tv then freak out to find a book and turn off tv ASAP when you hear dad coming in the door from work
  11. Made chili out of a snapping turtle