Things I Want to Say to My Ex-friend

I ran into my ex-friend. We hadn't spoken in months and these are they things I wish I could have said to them.
  1. I am happy.
    I have a life and friends. I am worthy of good people in my life and don't have to accept your poor friendship. I am loved, intelligent, and don't need you to validate me. I am better off without you.
  2. You were toxic.
    You were a terrible friend. You didn't care about me, you just wanted me to care about you. You took advantage of me and made me feel like I only mattered in relation to you. You were only kind when you need to use me then you left me high and dry. I deserve better.
  3. Stop being self deprecating.
    You are so emotionally manipulating. Trying to talk crap about yourself to get me to come to you aide and rekindle are friendship is low. If you want some friends start acting like one and maybe it will get you somewhere but not with me. We're done and it's good.