Times When I Knew I Crossed A Line

inspired by @shanaz and many others
  1. During a nasty fight, I charged at my sister like a bull and she slapped the shit out of me
    @shanaz saw the entire thing
  2. I showed up high for a family trip to see my grandmother
    My father's disappointment was palpable
  3. I called my coworker a bitch and she shoved me so hard I fell down on the floor in front of everyone
    Not smart. Girl was built like a redwood
  4. I told my sister her boyfriend was nothing great to look at, and I clearly remember saying, "Well, he's no Denzel Washington"
    This guy WAS Joe Dirt, so I have no idea what kind of comparison I was trying to make there
  5. In high school, I wrote this girl a letter, outlining in great detail why I couldn't be friends with her anymore
    This didn't keep her from trying
  6. At a party my mother was having, I told a lady that her friend was ugly
    The look on her face
  7. I worked briefly in the call center for CT Light & Power. A woman sobbed in my ear that she and her baby were sitting in the dark because we shut off her lights, and I told her to make a sandwich
    There were tears and I froze
  8. My high school bf and I were fooling around in my bedroom when my mother walked in
    We were still virgins but my pants were on the floor