Things I Miss

  1. Kellers bakery in Lafayette, La
    I should feel guilty that the first thought of things I miss is a box filled with pastries. But I don't.
  2. My grandfather saying " who's the big girl for?"
    Followed by me screaming "Pops!!!" And then jumping in his gigantic arms to be swung around and around.
  3. Good seafood
    I live eight hours from water now. My days of eating amazing fried seafood at the drop of a hat are gone.
  4. Watching 90210 during the 90's
    There is something to be said about looking forward to a sitcom all week and having no way to google to see if anyone leaked information about the episode before it airs.
  5. All the shows that various networks canceled before characters were fully developed, plots were resolved, leaving me cursing and swearing to never watch their network again. Of course that didn't last long. *sigh*
  6. My dog Bailey.
    Best dog I ever had. He did bark a lot. But still, I miss him terribly.