To Me, Happiness Is…

  1. Waking up to a rainy day and realizing you have nothing on your schedule
  2. Fireflies circling around your backyard
  3. Walking into a movie theater. That's all it takes.
  4. The smell of paper
  5. A bookcase full of books I haven't read
  6. A large Coke from McDonald's
  7. Opening a can of orange rolls... That smell 😋
  8. A sandwich made by someone else
  9. My children showered and peacefully resting in their beds
  10. Margaritas and Mexican food
  11. Snuggling with my husband at night on the sofa
  12. A new pen, pencil , journal
  13. A library and time to kill
  14. Discovering a new song
  15. Visiting new places
  16. Clean sheets
  17. The word "lovely"
  18. Christmas Day
  19. The ability to let things go
  20. Coloring with my kids
  21. My red high heels
  22. My Yorke chasing the red laser endlessly
  23. A used bookstore
  24. Eating anything from Kellers bakery in Lafayette, Louisiana
  25. Peanut butter and chocolate
  26. Laughing until you can't breathe