5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

Five photos I took, that I haven't seen since the day they were snapped
  1. Sandwich Shoppe
    I was working out of my company's office in Wilton on a cloudy Friday afternoon when I decided that'd I'd surprise my girlfriend, get a haircut during my lunch break, and take her out for dinner that night. The barber I found was named Dominic. He was Napolitano and an immigrant at that. He cut my hair with a straight razor. We had awkward conversations that didn't quite span the generation gap. He followed me to the Sandwich Shoppe next store where I found this Birra Peroni poster.
  2. Bambi Chilli
    My dad goes hunting every year. In fact, we have two deer heads at my childhood homes. One's named Dimitri, the other's name slips my mind. My dad's turning 60. He doesn't like butchering his own deer anymore, which is good for me. Rather than only getting cutlets, the butcher my dad took his last kill to, also gave us chopped venison. I used it to make this chili. I don't always take pictures of my food, but when I do...
  3. A Political First
    I haven't decided if I want to get political or not here yet. But this was the first time I've engaged with a campaign on this level. Bernie speaks to me and if you don't get that, then I feel sad. Not because our opinions differ, but because feeling a connection like this to a movement like that is truly beautiful and I wish you could share this experience too.
  4. A bit of an obssession
    I like to consider myself a beer snob of sorts, but if I'm being honest, I still have a lot to learn. Along the way, I've drank myself a beer or two... by my girlfriends estimates this table breaks 1K caps. Mostly craft, but not all :/ This collection has become a bit of an obssession.
  5. Timeout Cali
    My neighbor got a dog and I was playing with her outside. Her name is Cali and she's just a puppy. She wasn't listening, so I put her in timeout. Afraid to come down, she was just a pup.